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a standard brand with a long history which stores food in a natural refrigerator called “Yukimuro-Snow Aging” using natural snow. Niigata is proud of its ingredients grown under the rich nature, and the high quality made by the honest and hard working people of Echigo. Especially, having determination in its taste and quality, the professionals in food came together all having the same thoughts of wanting to share the deliciousness of Niigata Yukimuro-Snow Aging, is acting as the “Niigata Yukimuro Brand Association”.


  • ■“Innovation Net Award 2015” Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award
  • ■Selected as one of “Hand Working Small and Medium Enterprises 300”
  • ■“Tourism Agency Ultimate Souvenir That Can Be Accepted All Around the World”
  • ■“Niigata City Souvenir Contest 2013” GOLD AWARD / YUKIMURO-SNOW AGING COFFEE
  • ■“Niigata City Souvenir Contest 2013” INTERNATIONAL AWARD / YUKIMURO-SNOW AGING RICE and SAKE set
  • ■“DLG(German Agriculture Society)Food Contest”.BRONZE AWARD / YUKIMURO-SNOW AGING PORK CUTLET

Association of food professionals

In order to enter the Niigata Yukimuro Brand Association, there is a strict examination whether it is a company of history and achievements which produces high quality foods. There is also a strict examination when commercializing. From the view point of food professionals, the taste quality and story of the food is put to the test by the participating food professionals and and only products approved are able to be sold.

Business matching of different industries making innovation

By the cooperation within food companies, expertise of snow, small and medium enterprise management consultant, exporting advisors and much more, is it possible to find an answer to any problem. The system and concept of this cooperation of different industries are highly valued and has received “Niigata IDS Competition System Category Examination Committee Special Prize”, has been selected as “Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Hard Working Small and Medium Enterprises 300”, “Federation of Small and Medium Enterprise Advanced Association Case”.

Expanding to all around the country and to the world

Not stopping the movement only in Niigata, wanting to spread the outstanding taste of Japan’s snow district to the world. In the future, consideration of the development of a complex facility of Yukimuro-Snow Aging, hotels and restaurants is being made, which can expect the inbound to the snow district and connect to the regional vitalization.


Rich ingredients of the snow country, Niigata are ripened in Echigo Yukimuro so that foods with excellent freshness and taste can be produced.

Test of freshness retaining and change of taste through Yukimuro ripening

Freshness retaining and change of taste will not happen on all the ingredients stored in the Yukimuro. Tests for the selection of proper temperature zone of the Yukimuro, timing of ripening, storage days, and storage containers, etc. while confirming the change of freshness and taste were carried out for several dozen times before the best taste was produced.

Examination system until market sales

With the help of snow energy research and promotion agency "Yukidaruma Foundation" located in the most heavy snowfall area in Japan, Yasuzuka-ku, Joetsu city, Niigata, the state traceability inspection of Yukimuro in use and investigation of the effect brought to foods by snow, etc. are implemented. The Judging Committee also carries out taste check and exchange of views to ensure that only products passed the examination can be sold under Echigo Yukimuro brand. Please enjoy without worrying about the quality and taste.

Examination system until market sales
Examination system until market sales

Union Overview

Union name Niigata Yukimuro Brand Business Cooperative
Location 950-0943 3-4-9, Meike-Shimmei, Chuo-ku, Niigata(inside Adhouse Public Co., Ltd.)
President Takeyuki SATO
TEL +81-(0)25-250-0102
FAX +81-(0)25-250-7538
Establishing date January 6, 2012
Capital 190,000yen
Union members 21 companies (January 1, 2024 currently)
Advisors 9 organizations (January 1, 2024 currently)
Business content Joint development, sales and promotion of products utilizing snow energy
Main Bank Daishi Hokuetsu Bank South Niigata Branch